St. Johns Wort Salve

St. Johns Wort Salve

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Now is the time we head out under the sun! Take relief in our St. John's Wort salve for sunburn!

Our own hand harvested from the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, St. Johns wort during the peak of its flowering (most important to extract the hypericum) is infused in our Organic Virgin Olive oil base for 8 weeks and strained. The Spicy, Earthy scent from the St. Johns flowers is then solidified into a salve with natural beeswax.

St. Johns Wort Salve has noted properties to help ease inflammation on the external body. *Helps ease Tired Muscles back and legs *Inflammation *Nerve damage pain *Wound care *Hemerroids *Sun damaged skin

**We note that externally, the active ingredient of St. John's Wort helps our moods improve when applied as a salve, which might be part of the action of the pain relief we feel from the salve, without taking it internally.

Ingredients: Organic virgin olive oil, St. Johns Wort flowers, Beeswax.
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