Organic Arnica Deep Tissue Salve with Menthol

Organic Arnica Deep Tissue Salve with Menthol

Item# organic-arnica-deep-tissue-salve-with-menthol
Spring Allergy Headache soother! Apply to the 3rd eye (between the brows) and temple area for extra help in breathing, relief of tension and allergy headaches.

This Menthol Arnica Deep Tissue is a perfect salve to have during the deep cold season for those (including children) who need a helper with ease of breath, ease of a sinus headache, or to cool down hot sore muscles. We use only Certified Organic Ingredients in this salve, making it purely safe to apply to chest or bottom of feet to break a cold.

Our special blend of Essential Oils & Menthol Crystals makes this a wonderful scent that can be enjoyed by all, and is a wonderful open up the sinus helper!

We use our Certified Organic Base Oils of Virgin Olive Oil with Organic Coconut to give a nice glide when applying to the body, or third eye and eyebrow area (helps massage out the sinus areas for relief). Our Organic Herbs & Roots go deep into the area of concern to help ease, relief and guide into the repair of tissues.

Our own house blend of Menthol Crystals, Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus & Lavender is not only refreshing but powerful in helping your mind with clarity and clearness.

2 oz or 4 oz

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