Goldenrod Oil: Super Concentrated

Goldenrod Oil: Super Concentrated

Item# goldenrod-oil-super-concentrated
Perfect for massages (take it to your massage with you!)

Our Goldenrod Oil has been infused in Organic Sunflower Oil, harvested by Cindi in NC at the peak of its beauty & potency. Used as a powerful ally as an Anti-inflammatory Oil. Good for the circulatory system as it promotes proper functioning of the circulatory system. Benefits include:

* Has been shown to improve circulation, known for anti-inflammatory & antiseptic *Great massage relief for muscle cramps, sprains, sore muscles, powerful on sore neck muscles, uterine cramping & Chest colds. *Treats all sorts of skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sores, scabs, dermatitis & wounds. *Very beneficial in promoting restful sleep, calming & soothing to the mind, relieves stress, anxiety & nervousness.

**Aroma is reminiscent of fresh, balsamic, peppery notes, which make it a relaxing oil.

Packaged in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with a dropper for easy dispensing into hands for deeper penetration massage. A little amount is all that's needed!

Regularly priced at $8.50 each
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